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Hello, and welcome to IdahoBrightSmiles.com.  We’re totally stoked that you chose to visit our site today.

Basically, what we’ve done here is that we’re owned and operated by the Best Boise SEO company in Treasure Valley. …And we’ve created this site exclusively to give Idaho Dentists and Orthodontists a better, faster, and easier way to get first page Google search result rankings.


Yes, we specialize in high Google search engine rankings.

You see, the dental and orthodontics fields are very competitive in today’s local marketplace. Those dental professionals that do not have a great presence on the internet (especially in Google search results) will not be able to keep up with their competition.

That’s where we come in to the scene. At Boise SEO, we know how to grab and dominate great Google Rankings and that’s exactly what we’re doing with this site. We’re going to rank as many first page results as we can – and then rent out the pages to the best Idaho dentists and orthodontists.

By doing that, we’re also creating a good search engine atmosphere for the common citizens in Idaho that need or require dental service. Why or how?  Simply because if you see that one of our pages is rented out to a local dental professional – then you’ll realize that the renting dental professional really cares about their business – and getting it in front of their customers on the internet.


Rent an Idaho dentist or orthodontist page today!

So, if you are an Idaho dentist or orthodontist and you want to rent one of our first page Google rankings, then simply navigate to that specific city page and click the DEMO or the PAYPAL buttons at the bottom of the page. From there your dental business can have our FIRST PAGE RANKINGS – IMMEDIATELY!

Because we deal primarily with 3rd party information and websites – we only handle our customer service via email – or in written format.  This allows both parties of the transaction to have a written account of what transpired between us.


How www.IdahoBrightSmiles.com Works…

In general, our site concept is very basic and straight forward: We get top Google rankings in all of the places that you need your dental or orthodontic business to show.

Then, with a few clicks of a button and a monthly payment fee – you can instantly OVERLAY your website on top of the page you have rented from our site.

Our site will still show in the search engine rankings, but ANYTIME that ANY SITE VISITOR goes to the page you have rented – they will see your business website instead of ours.

This creates a very powerful and lucrative way for you to get ahead of your competition.

IMPORTANT: This site is owned and operated by Boise SEO and Advertising Agency – and we can help you with ALL of your SEO needs.




All the best!

The staff at Boise SEO and Idaho Bright Smiles



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